A residential lawn in Spring after a lawn mowing service by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The grass is green and has been freshly mowed. There are stripes visible in the grass.

Spring Lawn Care Service

Our spring lawn care services will get your lawn and landscape started off on the right foot as your lawn and plants break dormancy each spring.

Learn more about our spring lawn care services below or call Chad Chamberlain today to get your quote or more information on our spring lawn services.

A landscape bed lining the walk way and front door of a residential home. The hedges and shrubs have been trimmed into neat and uniform shapes.

Early Season Lawn Services

Even before the plants begin to grow, your lawn or landscape may be in need of maintenance.  We can help!

Our spring lawn services usually include removing any leaves left over from the fall or leaves that may have fallen during the winter months.  If your perennials or ornamental grasses still need to be cut back, we can do that too.  Any other plants in need of pruning or yard debris will also be collected and removed from your property.

A large residential lot after the first cut of the spring. Chamberlain Lawn Care has mowed the grass and there are visible mowing stripes.

Your First Cut

The grass grows fast and is very thick in the springtime.  If you need a hand with your spring mowing, just let us know.  We can accommodate 1-time or every now and then lawn mowing with advanced notice.  Of course, we’d love to mow your lawn all season long if you’d like!

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Spring Mulch

If you like being the 1st on your street to get their mulch installed, we can make that happen!  Contact us before the grass starts growing to get our lowest possible price on having mulch delivered and installed.

A residential back lawn before being serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care.
A residential back lawn where Chamberlain Lawn Care has installed a landscape bed filled with fresh mulch lining the patio.

Before and After Pictures
of Our Spring Lawn Care Service

If spring is here, don’t let your lawn and landscape look like winter any longer!

All it takes is a call or email to Chamberlain Lawn Care to get your free estimate or to have your service scheduled.

Spring Lawn Service Pricing

We will need to stop by your property to provide you with an accurate quote for your lawn and landscape’s spring cleanup.

Every lawn and landscape is different.  We are happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for you to consider.

Smaller spring cleanup services begin at $100 and go up from there based on the scope of work.

If you just need lawn mowing, your price per cut could be as low as $35!

A landscape bed lining the side of a residential home. The landscape bed has been filled with fresh black mulch.

Spring Estimates

If you are too busy this spring or simply do not want to perform the lawn and landscape tasks your property needs, we are here for you.

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