A large landscape bed lining the front porch of a residential home. Fresh mulch has been spread in the landscape bed by Chamberlain Lawn Care and the small shrubs in the landscape bed have been pruned.

Mulch Service

Chamberlain Lawn Care delivers and installs mulch.  We use a high-quality,  double-shredded hardwood mulch in the color of your choice.

All existing weeds will be removed before installation!

Learn more about our Niles, OH mulch service, and request your quote below.

A large landscape bed lining the side of a residential home. The landscape bed has been filled with fresh mulch and all weeds have been pulled from the landscape bed.

Weed Pulling Before Mulch Spreading

Weeds are a problem in my garden beds in Niles and nearby.  Dandelions and thistle are the biggest culprits.

When we provide you with your landscape maintenance quote, pulling all existing weeds will be included.

You will have the option to have us install a weed barrier fabric, which is recommended, after pulling your weeds but before installation.

A landscape bed filled with fresh brown mulch and small trimmed plants as seen from above.

Mulch Service Details

We wanted to clear up a couple of things regarding our mulch service before you contact us.  They have to do with edging your garden beds and pre-emergent weed control.

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Bed Edging

Bed edging can be included with your service but will be quoted separately.  This is the process of using a shovel to dig a defined edge to retain the new material within the garden bed’s boundaries.

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Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Since we are not licensed to apply chemicals on other people’s property in the state of Ohio, we are not able to offer the application of a pre-emergent herbicide before installation.  If you would like to spread Preen before we arrive, please feel free.

A landscape bed before being serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The bed is overgrown and filled with weeds, the mulch needs to be replaced, and the shrubs needs to be trimmed.
A landscape bed after being serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The weeds have been pulled, the mulch has been replaced, the shrubs and plants have been trimmed, and the edge of the landscaped bed has been edged.

Before and After Photos of Our Mulch Service

Applying a fresh topdressing is a relatively affordable way to really spruce up your home’s landscaping.

If you would like us to transform your landscape from bland to grand, request your free estimate today!

If your plants are in need of pruning, we recommend having your bushes trimmed before installing fresh mulch.  We are able to perform both services in a single visit.

How much is mulch?

We know you can’t make a decision without knowing the price!

We will need to physically visit your property to provide you with an accurate quote for your landscape beds.  

Our pricing guide below will get you an idea of what your quote will be depending on if you would like the weed barrier fabric installed or not.  One yard of mulch approximately covers a 10′ x 10′ area at a depth of 2-3″.

Delivery and installation costs $130 per yard.

Delivery and installation with weed barrier fabric costs $150 per yard.

We can perform jobs requiring up to 10 yards of mulch.

A landscape bed filled with fresh brown mulch and a line of small pruned plants.

Free Mulch Estimate

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