A large fenced in residential back lawn before a leaf removal service. The ground is littered with hundreds of fallen leaves.

Leaf Pickup Service

Leaf removal is the most common fall lawn care service we provide.

Along with picking up your leaves, our fall cleanup services can include a final lawn mowing service, shrub trimming, and the cleanup of other yard debris.

A trailer full of bags filled with clippings, leaves, and fallen branches after a fall cleanup service by Chamberlain Lawn Care.

Fall Cleanup Service

We offer our fall cleanup service to give you more time to prepare for the holidays instead of tending to the lawn and landscape.

Anything that needs to be done to prepare your lawn and landscape for the winter months can be included in this service.  

A residential lot before a leaf removal service. The grass is covered with fallen leaves.
A residential home after a leaf removal service by Chamberlain Lawn Care. All fallen leaves have been cleaned up and removed for disposal.
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Why is fall lawn care so important?

It is very important to remove the leaves from your lawn and landscape before winter arrives.  If leaves and other lawn debris sit on your turf and in your landscape beds all winter many problems can arise.

As leaves and other yard debris begin to decompose they can smoother your turf if on the lawn.  If they are in the lawn and/or landscape and begin to decompose they can introduce disease and/or attract rodents.

A fenced in residential back yard before a leaf removal service. The grass is covered in countless fallen leaves.
A residential fenced in back lawn after a leaf removal service by Chamberlain Lawn Care. All fallen leaves have been removed and hauled away to be disposed of.
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Before and After Photos of our Leaf Removal Service

Look at the difference a leaf pickup service can make.

Contact us and let us pick up your leaves so they aren’t being tracked into your home any longer!

We serve Trumbull County, Ohio.  View our service areas.

Leaf Removal Pricing

Please contact us if you have any questions about the pricing of our leaf removal and fall cleanup services.

The main thing to understand is there are a lot of variables when it comes to leaf pickup.  The amount of leaves is an obvious one.  Factors that may not be so obvious to anyone who is not a landscaper are things like the wind speed and direction on the day of your service, wet leaves are harder to remove, debris such as limbs and acorns under the leaves add time to the service, and the type of tree the leaves are from all factor into how long this service will take us to complete successfully.

We do not want to undercharge or overcharge for your fall cleanup!  To ensure you get a fair price, we provide our fall services based on our hourly rate of $55 per man-hour.  The disposal fee will be based on the volume of debris we removed from your property.

A very large pile of fallen leaves before being cleaned up.

Free Leaf Pickup Estimate

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