A residential home with a large lawn that has been serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care. There are several landscape beds in the background with shrubs that have been pruned.

Your Local Lawn Service

Chamberlain Lawn Care proudly serves residents and business in Niles, OH and nearby.

We would like the opportunity to provide you with a quote for your lawn service needs in Niles, Warren, Howland, Girard, Lordstown, and nearby communities in Trumbull County, Ohio.

Learn more about our local lawn services by scrolling down this page or learn more about our company by clicking the link below.  We also offer landscaping services.

A very large landscape bed lining the entire length of a residential home. The landscape bed has been filled with fresh mulch by Chamberlain Lawn Care.

Maintaining Your Lawn Has Never Been So Easy

If you are not the outdoors type or are having issues with your current lawn service, we are the local lawn service you’ve been looking for!

Chad Chamberlain is the owner of Chamberlain Lawn Care.  Give Chad a call today to discuss your lawn maintenance needs and experience the difference of having a small, local business that truly cares handling your yard work.

A residential home after a grass cutting service. The large lawn has been fully and uniformly mowed and there are visible mowing stripes in the grass.

We Mow Lawns

As-needed lawn mowing is our most popular lawn service.

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A large landscape bed lining the porch of a residential home. The landscape bed has been filled with fresh mulch that was delivered and spread by Chamberlain Lawn Care.

Seasonal Services

Hire us to handle the yard work created as the seasons change.


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Affordable Lawn Services

Our lawn mowing service starts out at just $35 per mowing service!

We go into more detail about how we price our lawn mowing service on that page of our website.

If you call around, you will quickly find many of the other lawn services have a minimum charge of $40 or $45 per mowing service. We like saving our customers money while providing a higher quality and more reliable service at the same time.

We are also here for your seasonal lawn care needs. If you need help with the yard work as the grass starts growing in the spring, or after the leaves have fallen from the trees in the fall, we are here for you.

A residential lawn before a leaf removal service. The lawn is covered by hundreds of fallen leaves.
A residential lawn after a leaf removal service. The lawn has been completely cleared of leaves.
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Regular Lawn Maintenance = A Beautiful Lawn

The trick to keeping your lawn looking its best as all times is staying on top of it! If you live a busy lifestyle like many of our clients with young children, we can take the burden of maintaining your lawn away and put some time back in your week.

If your lawn is currently out of shape, we can get it back under control and keep it that way.

Chamberlain Lawn Care Wants To Be Your Lawn Service

We are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), have a 4.9-star rating with over 40 reviews left by our clients, and are the City of Niles lawn service of choice for maintaining the city’s unattended properties.

You can trust us with your lawn maintenance needs!

To receive your free estimate, you can call or email us.  You can also message us on Facebook or use any contact form on our website.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to caring for your lawn!

A large backyard that has been mowed by Chamberlain Lawn Care. There are visible mowing stripes in the lawn and all clippings have been cleaned up.

Free Lawn Estimates

Our quotes come fast and free so request yours today without hesitation.  We simply would like to provide you with our quote for your consideration.

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