A sidewalk passing through a residential neighborhood. Chamberlain Lawn Care has mowed the curb and lawn surrounding the sidewalk so it is uniform and neat.

Lawn Mowing Service

Our lawn mowing service is second to none!

We mow lawns on an as-needed basis.  This is typically weekly during the spring and we adjust our mowing schedule as-needed if the grass slows down over the summer months.

If you just need a 1-time mowing service because you have an upcoming event, will be on vacation, or are simply too busy, we can accommodate your needs with advanced notice.

We also offer other lawn services.

A Chamberlain Lawn Care work truck with a trailer attached. On the trailer is a large, red commercial lawn mower.

Details of our Lawn Mowing Service

Our lawn mowing service includes mowing your lawn to an appropriate height.  Anything the mower cannot reach will be trimmed with a string trimmer.  Once all of the grass has been cut, we will clean up all of the grass clippings by blowing them back into the lawn where they belong. Not left on your street, sidewalk, or driveway!

Please note we do not move trampolines due to the liability.  We are happy to trim around your trampoline.  We will only trim the grass the trimmer can reach while standing next to it. 

A large residential lawn that has been professionally mowed by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The grass has been uniformly cut and there are visible mowing stripes in the grass.

Lawn Mowing Prices

Our lawn mowing service starts out at a very affordable rate of $35 per mowing service. There are characteristics of lawns that can increase the cost of our mowing service which we will cover below.

We do offer commercial lawn mowing and landscape maintenance services for businesses too.

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What determines my mowing price?

Great question! Many lawns in Niles, Warren, Howland, and Girard do meet our minimum charge criteria. A typical quarter acre lot without a fence is usually priced at $35 per service.

If your lawn is larger, has a fence, is a corner lot, has a steep slope, or requires excessive amounts of trimming, we will have to account for the extra time to perform your service in our quote.

We Aren’t Your Average Grass Cutting Service!

Chamberlain Lawn Care prides itself by going over and beyond for our customers.

That starts with our ‘as-needed’ scheduling of each service.  Many lawn mowing services force their clients to have their lawn mowed weekly whether it needs it or not.

We do the little things.  Chad Chamberlain often gets a quick thank you text from our clients on trash day because when they return from work their empty trash cans have been returned to their storage location.

We will pick up debris on your lawn within reason.  We are happy to move some sticks or toys out of the lawn so we can perform your mowing service.  If a recent storm has left your lawn covered in debris, please remove the debris before your next service or let us know and we are happy to remove the debris for an additional fee.

A commercial property that has been recently mowed by Chamberlain Lawn Care.
A lawn before being mowed by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The grass is incredibly overgrown.
A lawn after being mowed by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The overgrown grass has been fully and uniformly mowed.
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Before and After Photos of Our Mowing Service

We hope your lawn is not this out of control when we arrive!  If it is, please understand your 1st service may cost additional so we can get it back under control.

We are the preferred contractor used by the City of Niles to maintain the overgrown and unmaintained lots.  The before and after images were from one of the mowing services we performed for the City of Niles.

A sidewalk lined with overgrown grass that is spilling over onto the sidewalk.
A sidewalk after the surrounding grass has been mowed. The sidewalk is now clear of grass and the sidewalk has been edged.
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Regarding Lawn Edging

If the border where your grass meets paved surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks is maintained, we are happy to maintain that edge at no additional cost.  Maintained edges will always be edged as part of our regular mowing service.

If your edges are severely overgrown, we will trim the edges instead of edging them.  If you would like us to bring your edge back, we are happy to do so and will quote that service separately from your regular mowing service.

Free Mowing Estimate

Hire Chamberlain Lawn Care to cut your grass!  We are saving our clients hours each week by maintaining their lawn for them.  We’d love to do the same for you.

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