A very large tree surrounded by a decorative rock bed. The lawn surrounding the tree has also been mowed and the shrubs in the background have been professionally trimmed.

Your Local Landscaper

Chamberlain Lawn Care is a local landscaper serving Niles, Howland, Warren, Girard, Lordstown, and nearby areas in Northeast Ohio.

Our landscaping services include mulching, pruning, and other landscape maintenance tasks such as weeding and yard waste removal.

A medium sized landscape bed beside the front door of a residential home. The landscape bed has been filled with fresh mulch delivered and installed by Chamberlain Lawn Care and the small shrubs in the landscape bed have been pruned.

Landscaping Northeast Ohio

Our landscaping service separates itself from the other local landscape companies by truly treating every customers’ landscape as if it were our own.  We know it sounds cliché!  But, it’s true.

Chad Chamberlain is the owner of Chamberlain Lawn Care and he personally guarantees your satisfaction.

A large landscape bed in the lawn of a residential home. There are several large shrubs in the landscape bed and they have been pruned into neat but natural shapes.

We Prune Shrubs

Learn more about our plant maintenance service.


A very large landscape bed filled with fresh mulch that has been delivered and spread by Chamberlain Lawn Care.

We Spread Mulch

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We Maintain Landscapes

Applying new mulch to landscape beds and keeping the plants in those beds trimmed into shape are the most common landscaping services we offer.

It is amazing the difference a fresh layer of mulch can make on the appearance of the landscape and property as a whole.  We are happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your consideration.

Before new mulch is spread in your landscape beds we recommend having your plants trimmed back to really make your landscape pop.  It also saves you money on your pruning service as we can complete both services on the same trip.  If we are able to prune right before we mulch we don’t have to spend as much time picking up every little leaf and stem since new mulch will be going on top.

A landscape bed in front of a residential home before being serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The shrubs are very overgrown, the mulch is almost gone, and there's no definition between the lawn and landscape bed.
A large landscape bed in front of a residential home after it has been serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The shrubs have been pruned, fresh mulch has been spread and the lawn has been cleaned up so there's clear definition between the lawn and landscape bed.
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We Deliver Curb Appeal

From blah to ta-da!  If you would like to experience a landscape that makes you proud and makes your neighbors jealous, contact us today for your free landscaping estimate!

If you don’t see the lawn service you need on this page, check our out lawn services.

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If you are looking for a local landscaper to handle your mulch, shrub care, or other landscape maintenance needs we’d love an opportunity to provide you with a quote.

Chamberlain Lawn Care offering commercial landscaping services to local businesses along with serving Trumbull County residents. 

A commercial building that has been serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care.

Free Landscaping Estimate

Landscaping is often grueling manual labor.  Save your back and use ours!  We thoroughly enjoy landscaping and do not mind the physical aspect of performing the tasks.

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