A residential home lined with shrubs and small trees. The shrubs have been neatly trimmed into uniform shapes.

Hedge Trimming Service

Hedge trimming is another way to say shrub pruning or bush trimming.

If your landscape plants are in need of maintenance, we would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate to trim them back into shape and remove all of the clippings.

A landscape bed lining a residential home that is filled with multiple small bushes. The bushes have been trimmed by Chamberlain Lawn Care.

We Prune Several Types of Plants

Shrubs and hedges are not the only plants that require regular trimming to keep a maintained appearance.  We also cut back seasonal plants and can prune small trees and low-hanging branches to a height of 10′.

We recommend having mulch installed before pruning plants if you are planning on mulching in the near future.

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  • All shrubs and bushes
  • Perennials
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Small  trees
  • Low-hanging branches
Five small bushes in a landscape bed that lines the walkway of a residential home. Chamberlain Lawn Care has professional trimmed the bushes into neat and uniform shapes.

Professional Shrub Care

We use professional-grade lawn equipment to prune shrubs and other plants.

Our pruning tools include gas-powered hedge trimmers, hand pruners, pruning shears, and pole saws to allow us to safely trim small trees and low-hanging branches on larger trees.

The right tools make all the difference!

Several large and overgrown shrubs lining a home before being pruned by Chamberlain Lawn Care.
Several shrubs lining a residential home after being pruned by Chamberlain Lawn Care. They've been cut back from their overgrown state and carefully pruned back into neat and natural shapes.

Before and After Pictures of Our Pruning Service

Check out these before and after pictures showing just how big of a difference our pruning service can make!

If your shrubs are looking a little hairy, we’d be happy to swing by and give them a hair cut! 

Affordable Bush Trimming

We work hard for our money to support our families just like you.

As with all of our services, we offer the best possible price we can when providing a pruning estimate.  We will need to swing by to prepare an accurate quote for your pruning service.

Our pruning services start at $100.  It includes pruning all of the plants in need and the removal and disposal of the debris created.  We charge a disposal fee to account for the time and cost of properly disposing of all of the plant clippings.

A very large landscape bed in the fenced in back lawn of a residential home. There is an assortment of shrubs, bushes, and flowers in the landscape bed, all have been pruned and fresh mulch has been spread in the landscape bed.

Free Pruning Estimate

Contact us however you are most comfortable to request your free pruning estimate.

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