Chad Chamberlain, owner of Chamberlain Lawn Care, sitting on his patio while wearing a Chamberlain Lawn Care hoodie.

About Chamberlain Lawn Care

Chamberlain Lawn Care is a local small business rooted in Niles, Ohio and is proud to also serve the nearby communities.

We break our services into 2 categories; lawn services and landscaping services.

We are a lawn company built on trust.  Learn more about us below or click the contact button to get in touch with Chad Chamberlain.

A Chamberlain Lawn Care employee in the process of unloading a green riding lawn mower from a trailer.

Our Experience

Offering lawn and landscape services were just a side gig for Chad to earn extra income for his family for many years.  That all changed in 2018 when Chad took the leap and went full-time in his local lawn care business.

We are very glad to say we have upgraded our equipment since our humble beginning!

Chad Chamberlain with his wife and four young sons.

We’re Involved in the Local Community

Whenever possible, we donate our time and money to local causes we believe in.  Below are 2 examples of the charity work performed by Chamberlain Lawn Care.

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We Delivered The Christmas Tree

When we found out the PTA at Niles Primary School wanted another Christmas tree for the students, we snapped into action.  We sourced the tree, lights, and ornaments and delivered them to the students.

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Toys For Tots

Toys for Tots is a program created by the US Marines to help provide gifts to less fortunate children during the holidays.  We gladly participate.

A Chamberlain Lawn Care employee using a large commercial lawn mow to mow a curb.

Trusted by the City of Niles

As the only lawn care service in town accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we stood out to the City of Niles‘ officials as they were looking for a local contractor to maintain the properties that had overgrown lawns.

After giving the property owners’ a notice and ample time to maintain their lawn on their own, they send us a list of properties and ask us to go mow the grass.

A residential home before being serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The grass is very overgrown.
A residential home after being serviced by Chamberlain Lawn Care. The overgrown grass has been neatly and uniformly mowed and all clippings have been cleaned up from the lawn.
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Before and After Our Service

The before and after pictures are of one of the properties the City of Niles asked us to mow.  Sometimes mowing these overgrown lawns is a little daunting, but it always feels great when we are complete and that lawn is not an eyesore to the residents nearby.

We Go Over and Beyond Whenever Possible

Chad Chamberlain and his team at Chamberlain Lawn Care do anything they can for their clients.

“If we notice our customer’s trash cans are out by the street and empty, we return them to the garage or storage area,”  says Chad.  “It only takes an extra minute and really goes a long way with our customers.  We are happy  to do it.”

Let us know how we can make your life a little easier.  We ready to get started right away.

Chad Chamberlain with his wife.

Get In Touch

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